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It was mid September and I had just finished my annual Fall decorating around the house. I was exhausted but taking in the colors around my living and dining rooms back dropped by my Mustard Yellow walls it was worth it. Fall has always been my favorite time of the year. The vibrant colors of the trees and decor around town, the feel of the cool breeze in the air, and the strong aroma of pumpkin spice everywhere you turn, which happened to be one of my favorite scents ever. People are also nicer in the fall. I think it might have to do with the oppressive heat finally dissipating and the exhilaration of Holidays in the air.

Feeling a sense of accomplishment with the house being finished I have a strong desire to bake but after checking my cupboards I realize I am out of everything I need. So with that in mind I jump in the shower and get ready to head to town. Now I normally don't make a fuss with my appearance as I am a country gal through and through. Yet I sensed a strong feeling that I should dress up to go to the grocery store that day. So I chose my outfit carefully, finally deciding on my tan denim mini skirt and short sleeved white button up cashmere sweater. Underneath I wore the new bra and panties set I just purchased, an unlined white lace balconette bra with lace thongs. I was a good sized girl with curves and my breasts overflowed the bra, barely covering my nipples. I took care with my makeup and for fun even put on fake eyelashes. I then blow dried my waist long brown hair adding just a touch of Garnier oil to make it truly shine. Looking in my closet I found a pair of suede high heeled sandals I hadn't worn in a long time and thought to myself, why not, it's not every day I dress like this. I spritz on some Hypnotic and giving myself a second glance I am extremely pleased with my appearance. 'Too bad Hubby isn't here to see me today.' I think to myself imagining the expression on his face if he were to see me dressed this way. As usual he was out of town for a D.R.E. training seminar. He seemed to have them a lot lately and as the only D.R.E. in the county it was his responsibility to keep up on anything new. Pushing my slight aggravation at the thought that once again he didn't want me to go with him I grab my purse and keys and headed outside to make the half hour drive to town. The wind felt good as it ruffled my long hair and under my mini skirt, touching my panties like a lover's kiss. I gasped from this feeling, surprised at it and noticed my nipples were rock hard. 'That's strange,' I think to myself, anticipation running through me as a premonition of what could happen whispered through my mind.

The trip to town was stunning as I took in the fall colors from the trees jutting out of the cliffs surrounding the winding road. I had to remember to keep my eyes on the road as I drove on. The colors and breeze coming through the windows of my jeep were invigorating and I took a deep breath feeling a smile cross my face at how I felt.

Pulling into the parking lot of the grocery store I turn off the ignition and take a quick glance in the mirror. My eyes are practically sparkling with excitement and vivacity. As I've stated before this was my favorite time of the year and I felt a giddiness I hadn't felt in a long time. I grab my cart and head for the produce section first. I am meticulous to a fault and always start my shopping there whether I need anything from that section or not. I spot some white pumpkins and gourds on sale and make quick work at selecting the ones best used for decor in my kitchen and head to the meat section where I chose a nice lamb steak to prepare for Hubby's return home in a couple of days. I hear a song coming through the speakers as I'm shopping that I dearly love. An old throw-back from the 80's and I catch myself singing along as I turn into the baking goods section. I glance up from grabbing a couple bags of sugar when I hear a loud clank and notice a flat bed pulling Coke products and remind myself to grab Hubby some Mountain Dew, which was weird since Coke doesn't make that particular product.

As I turn the corner I almost run into an older gentleman and I apologize to him giving him a smile. I guess I looked even better than I had originally thought because he became tongue tied and started stammering about how it was completely his fault and should be apologizing to me! We chatted for awhile and I politely disengaged myself from the conversation so I could finish shopping.

At this point I turn into the soda isle to grab Hubby's aforementioned Mountain Dew. Of course they put it on the very top shelf and I have to stretch to reach it. At this point I hear someone say behind me. 'Are you sure you want to purchase a product from Pepsi when Coke makes everything better?' I almost drop the 2 liter in my hand as I thought I was in the isle by myself, having not seen anyone or anything other than the flat bed carrying Coke products. I turn around with laughter in my voice I say, 'Can you prove that Coke makes everything better?' Standing before my was one of the sexiest men I have ever seen in real life. Standing at 5'7" with a barrel wide chest, short sandy blonde hair, thick goatee, long eyelashes and a set of lips that would make any girl jealous; and of course he was wearing a uniform which consisted of shorts showing off his muscular legs. I gave him my biggest smile. I don't know if it was the way I was dressed or the enchantment of the fall season but I found myself wanting to flirt with this stranger as I never had in the past.

He just laughed and asked if there was anything he could help me with. To be honest I was slightly disappointed. I was obviously flirting with him as I thought he was doing and that was the only response I received. So I told him no but thanks for asking and went down the aisle to finish my shopping. I turn my head before I completely leave and notice him watching me with a huge grin on his face. I stumbled slightly, lightheaded at the thought I was turning the head of a stranger. It was one of the sexiest feelings I had had in a very long time. I smile shyly back and quicken my pace to reach the next section of the store.

As I'm catching my breath before heading over to grab some milk I notice he had left the soda section and was setting up a display near the alcohol. Taking the plunge before I could second guess myself I walk over to him. "Hi,'"I say. "I don't normally do this but I would really like to meet you later for drinks. My name is Beth." He looks at me with a cocky smile and says, "Hi back, Beth. My name is Chad and I would like nothing more than that." We exchange phone numbers, chat for a few more minutes and then I make my way to the register, finished with my shopping and feeling shocked by what I had just done. I'm not the type of girl who walks up to strange men and while I couldn't honestly say my marriage was perfect I wasn't totally unhappy.

At home I unload my groceries still unbelieving of everything that transpired in town and I know I had a goofy grin on my face. I hear the door slam and know my daughter is home from school so I go to ask how her day was. She stops in her tracks and say,"Dang Mom, you look amazing!" I tell her thanks, go put up your things and help me with supper. We have a nice quiet evening and when she asks if she can spend the next evening at a friend's house I tell her that is fine with me, she can even ride the bus home with her friend if she wants to.

Later that evening I get ready for bed thinking of Chad while caressing my breasts. I can't comprehend why I am lusting after a complete stranger who I will never see again. I was not going to call him as the number exchange was a moment of delirious weakness never to come to fruition. Still I couldn't stop myself when I climbed into bed imagining what it would be like to be with someone other than my husband. We had been married for 16 years and the sex had not only become predictable but sporadic and I found myself faking orgasms so it wouldn't last too long. I closed my eyes and rubbed my lips with my finger tips before sucking them getting them wet. I then take my nipples between my fingers rolling them back and forth making them rock hard. I hear myself moan and stop, glancing to make sure I had closed and locked the bedroom door. Satisfied with that I reach down to feel myself, surprised at how wet I was. I flick my clit with one hand while continuing the nipple play with my left breast. I was panting at this point and had to bite my lips to keep from moaning out loud. I enter two fingers into my slick swollen pussy imaging it was the stranger's cock inside me and almost scream at the orgasm rippling through my body. I lay spent, my fingers still inside, my nipple still pinched and fell asl**p.

The next morning I woke more refreshed than I had felt in a long time. I dressed for the day, dropped my daughter off at school and headed to Wal-Mart for some dog food and more fall decor. Yes I have a weakness and spend more money on fall decorations than all other seasons combined. I was almost finished with my shopping when I turn a corner and to my marvel Chad was standing in an aisle chatting with the Pepsi distributor. I know my face turned red as I thought about what I did last night never imagining I would ever see him again. He spots me and shouts out a greeting, motioning me over to where he and the other guy are standing. I was dressed as I normally do right then and wanted to crawl into a hole knowing he saw me in a completely different light the day before. He didn't seem to notice as he started introducing me to his friend and I stayed around chatting with them about nonsensical things. Chad finished his display and asked me if I was finished shopping. I told him almost, I needed one more thing before I could check out. He told me to meet him at his company truck in the parking lot when I was finished.

After putting my shopping bags into the jeep I head over to his Coke truck where he was waiting for me. He asks me if I want to get in to talk awhile and before I knew it I was sitting in the truck and we were chatting like old friends. I don't know how often I stared at his lips but at one point he asks me if I want to kiss him to which I reply, 'Why would you think that?' "I don't know," he says. "Maybe because you can't take your eyes off my mouth." I know I blushed at that statement and in an instant he is leaning over taking my lips in his, kissing me in a way I hadn't been kissed in years. I was so excited I wanted to reach over and start groping him as if I were a wild a****l. Instead I just sat there letting him kiss me thoroughly, feeling his tongue open my lips to dance around the inside of my mouth. I'm not sure how long this lasted before he broke away smiling, leaving me breathless and wanton with desire.

"Are you free to have that drink tonight?" He asks and when I tell him yes in a quiet voice he lets me know he'll call me when all of his rounds are finished to set up a time and place. I get out of the truck and absentmindedly walk back to my jeep. I had just kissed another man other than my husband after 16 years of marriage and I'm unsure of how I feel about it.

I head home unclear of what to think about myself and this situation I never asked for. Throwing myself into a frenzy of activity I work on the yard, raking leaves, pulling weeds and putting out the decorations I had purchased earlier. I then went back into the house to start baking. Baking has always calmed me no matter how I am feeling. With my breads in the oven I grab a book and go to relax when my cell phone rings. I answer it and hear Chad's voice telling me he is finished with his rounds and should be able to go out in around an hour if I still want to. To my surprise I hear myself inviting him over to the house and give him my address, telling him to come over around 7pm. I think I just wanted to show off my fall decor to be honest with you.

Once again I take care in how I look even though he had already seen me today in normal attire. I choose my burgundy plunge bra with matching bikini panties this time to wear under a soft blue skirt with a peach button up shirt. I didn't put any shoes on as he was coming over to the house and I didn't see a point. I find myself waiting anxiously for 7pm to arrive, pacing back and forth, making my boxer, Natasha, nervous and I decide to let her outside. About half an hour later I see a small white car pull into the gravel drive and am amazed he found the house without having to call and ask directions. I open the front door as he gets out of the car, looking sexy as hell and I drop my eyes, not able to look him in the face at that moment. I never told him I was married and he never asked. What type of guy does this, I wonder.

I invite him inside and start to give him a tour of the house wanting to show off my decorating abilities and also to stall for time. I should have known what was going to happen. I mean, I invited a man I had just met to my house! But even so I was shocked when I turned to ask him something and he grabs me by the arms kissing me roughly. When he starts to grab my breasts I try to push him away but he is too strong and is steering me towards my bedroom, where he pushes me onto the bed. Before I have a chance to push myself up he is on the floor in front of me reaching up to pull down my panties. I struggle to sit up at this point and try to stop him but he jumps up and lays on me, grabbing my hands to hold them down and starts kissing me again. Softly and seductively this time, using his tongue to trace my lips before pushing in my mouth dancing with my tongue; the way he had kissed me in his truck earlier that day. I feel myself melt into the mattress and he must have noticed the change in my demeanor because he lets go of my hands. I grab his neck and start kissing him back, telling myself I can stop this at any time. I start to moan and he slides back down to the floor, lifts up my skirt and pulls my panties off in one smooth motion. Grabbing the back of my thighs he buries his face in my mound and I come undone when I feel his tongue snake out and lick my pussy. My husband didn't believe in oral sex and this was the first time a man's tongue had touched me in over 16 years. I knew at that point I was not going to stop him, no matter what. He continues to work my pussy with his tongue and when I feel it reach my clit a visibly jerk off the bed. He holds me down with one hand and uses his other to finger me, working my g-spot in a way it hadn't in years. I am screaming when I feel a wetness spreading down my legs and I hear/feel him moan. He stands up and I see his beard soaked with my juices. I am still trembling from the orgasm he had just given me and am unable to do anything at the moment.

He takes off all his clothes except his boxers, watching me, maybe to gauge what my reaction will be but I am still laying there breathless and in awe of what his tongue was capable of. After undressing he lays next to me and starts to kiss me again, running his hands down my front, caressing me over my clothes. He pulls back and asks me to stand up and strip for him, slowly. I do so until I am naked except for my bra. I didn't want to take that off. My breasts were large and natural and the thought of him seeing them released from the one item keeping them perky and firm embarrassed me. "Please take your bra off," he whispered and with fear in my eyes, knowing how he would respond I do so; one strap at a time, one hook at a time, cupping the loose material over my breasts holding them in place. He stands up and reaches for my arms, pulling them down and tugs my bra off. "Oh my," he moans and I am filled with elation as he takes them reverently in his hands. Placing his head between my breasts he breaths deeply jiggling them on each side of his face. He leads me back to the bed where I lay waiting for what he would do next. He takes both breasts in his hands and starts kissing, nibbling and sucking my nipples rotating between each one. I start to moan and feel the desire to touch him but when I try he pushes my arms away not wanting anything to take away from his worship of my breasts. I start fighting him because my desire is too strong to be contained and laughing he finally rises up letting me loose. I push him down and start playing with his massive chest, kissing, nibbling and running my hand through his fur. I reach for the band of his boxers and he grabs my hand, stopping me. I give him a look daring him to stop me and he lets my hand go. I work my lips and tongue down his stomach and when I pull down his boxers I am hit in the face with a foot long cock! I greedily take as much as I can into my mouth moaning my pleasure, swirling my tongue around his swollen head, tasting his pre-cum when I place place my tongue into his opening. He grabs my hair and stops me. I can see him shaking from the effort of holding back.

Pushing me to the side he gets up, rummages through his pockets and pulls out a condom. Handing it to me he asks me to put it on him. I quickly tear open the package wondering if it's even going to be big enough to cover his cock. Sliding it down his hard shaft I feel his fingers searching for my pussy and sigh in pleasure when they enter me once again. It was just a tease however as he pulls back, looks me in the eyes and licks them. Laughing at the expression on my face he grabs me by the waist, lifting me up to straddle him. I slowly lower myself on his thick hard shaft, shocked when I am able to take most of it in. I can feel him pressing against the very back of my pussy and I start to rock back and forth then bounce up and down, groaning, a****listic sounds coming from my throat. He grabs my breasts squeezing them hard and I am bucking on top of him hard at this point when I feel him jerk, hear him moan and knew he was cumming. I didn't stop riding him though. Not until I felt another explosion build within me taking me over the edge, making me throw back my head in wild abandon, screaming like a banshee. I finally collapse on top of his chest, exhausted from the best sex I had in years. How long we lay that way I am unsure. He finally lifted me off, got up and dressed while I just lay there on the bed, naked, watching him.

He turns to me and thanks me for a wonderful evening and lets himself out; out of my house and out of my life, forever leaving me with one thought, "Everything IS better with Coke".......................................

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Friends Across The Pond

I travel a lot with my work, I'm part of a large conglomerate that deals in financial services with offices all over the world. My favourite place to be when not in England, is the USA, namely New York, it really is the city that never sl**ps. That's not the main reason though, the MAIN reason happens to have the most amazing emerald eyes, a pocket rocket of 5ft dead, and a body like Marilyn Monroe at her very best, an arse like a peach when she bends over to pick something up, and a gorgeous pair of boobs that are more than a handful (I always imagined anyway!)

She is also the wife of a colleague of mine that lives over there, I always got on well with Rick whenever I had to spend time there on business, so much so that after a while rather than me spend my time, - and the companies money on, and in hotels, Rick invited me to spend my evenings and stay over at his place with Pixie, not her real name, but a nickname that fits her so well that it just stuck with all that knew her. We had many a great evening dining out, dancing, parties as well as sitting in their living room putting the world to rights.

One time we were in a small club close to where they lived and I got the last dance with Pixie, as Rick was already well on the way to feeling no pain due to having seriously hit the spirits shelf, and as we danced close I could feel her nipples rock hard through my shirt, and the look in her eyes as she looked up at me to ask if I'd had a great night, whilst running her tongue over her full, cock sucking lips, my cock had an involuntary twitch there and then, and I knew the dirty martinis were doing their stuff! That night I could hear Rick and Pixie making all the noises you associate with a good fuck after a night out, I wasn't sure if they knew how loud they were being, but I was grateful for the stimulus to wank my cock, as I closed my eyes and thought about my cock ploughing into Pixie's pussy, instead of her husbands, as you can imagine it didn't take long to make a mess of the bed sheets with ribbons of hot sticky cum.

The next time I paid a visit was when my dreams and fantasies all came true, Rick and I had to pull an audit report together for the powers that be, and having got most of what info we needed together at the office, we decided the best way to hit the deadline and get some serious socialising done was to take it all back to his. We got there around 4pm, it was a scorching hot day and Pixie came out to greet us both in a loose fitting top, that judging by the swaying mounds contained within, was all she had on above waist, and a short, tight denim skirt that showed of her arse to perfection. She squealed in delight when we told her of our plans to get the work done quick, and hit the town, as it would be quite a while before I was likely to return.

Rick and I got straight down to the figures, numbers and mind numbingly boring audit stuff, whilst pixie fussed around us getting drinks and snacks etc, all the time putting her arms around us, pressing those gorgeous full boobs into my back and shoulder, and giving kisses to our cheeks and occasionally nibbling my ear, something that send me nuts, "you need to stop your Mrs. nibbling my ear Rick," I said, "it's ruining my concentration as well as the lining on my best suit pants."
"Go take them off and get into some shorts then bud, you'll be more comfy in this heat anyway, and think yourself lucky it's just your ear she's nibbling, my foreskin takes a battering some nights when the dirty martinis are consumed in double figures!"
Pixie blushed slightly but quick as a flash replied "Is that something you would worry about taking a battering on Kevin?" Rising to the bait I just replied "who says I've got one?"
"Ooooh, it's years since I saw a cut cock, you been circumcised then honey?" she asked with a eyebrow raised, " you're not Jewish, I thought only Jewish went through that procedure over in England?"
"I don't know about that pixie, but I only said I MIGHT not have one, that's for me to know and you to find out!"
Rick looked over the paperwork at me, "never dare a person with Irish ancestry my friend, I have found that out to my cost on occasion." Hmmmn, food for thought I said to myself.
Finally the work was done, we were all relaxing on the patio outside, the heat was making all our clothes stick to us, none more than Pixie's top, which showed off even more her gorgeous, round tits, again with the nipples standing proud, were they ever anything but hard I couldn't help thinking to myself, then realising what effects these thoughts were having on my groin area, a fact also noticed by pixie, who was looking straight at my hard on through the shorts I now had on, then looked into my eyes and winked, and again ran her tongue over her full lips. She was playing flirty with me right in front of Rick, who was dozing, and fully aware of the effect it was having, and clearly enjoying it!

We all got showered and dressed for the evening, a meal in one of their favourite diners, Rick and I came into the living room both in smart casual, Pixie, however, entered the room in a tight white blouse made of sheer material showing the lace bra within, and a tight pencil skirt that highlighted her round arse to perfection, with a split almost up to the hip to enable her to walk rather than waddle, the split clearly showing the stockings she was wearing underneath, as I could see some of the flesh at the top. I couldn't help but stare like a rabbit caught in head lights and let out a low whistle of appreciation, " very nice Pixie," I said, "but you should know that I can see your giggle band."

"My what?" she replied, a look of confusion in those emerald eyes, "your giggle band, Rick my I have your permission to educate this vision of loveliness?" Rick looked at Pixie, then me and said "sure, I'm just as curious," I walked over to her, stood behind her, bending over her shoulders, and getting a superb view down her top and cleavage, and ran my hand from just above her knee slowly up her leg on top of the stocking, feeling it's sheer fabric and the heat of her underneath it, slowly getting towards the top, and as my thumb reached the top of the stocking and onto bare flesh I caressed her bare thigh and whispered "this is the giggle band, because if I can get passed this, I'm laughing!"

She slapped my chest playfully as we all shared a laugh and said " let me loose on the vodka and cranberries tonight and who knows?" Rick looked at her and shook his head smiling as we left for the restaurant.

We came back around midnight all well and truly on the way to staggering d***k after a great evening sharing jokes and stories of our lives, we carried on in the living room for another half hour or so before I realised the time and said "right people, I have an early flight tomorrow, and you two don't seem to be realising I'm still in the room, so I will bid you goodnight." Pixie unfurled herself from Rick's arms to get up and give me a kiss goodnight, full tongue right into my mouth and swirling around mine for what seemed like forever, "now that's a goodnight kiss!" said Rick laughing, I looked at him over her shoulder and mouthed "lucky sod!" Then went to my room.

I woke up about an hour later bursting for piss, draught Pepsi in a mixer does that to me, so I wandered in my boxers down the hall to their bathroom, having to pass by their bedroom door in order to get there, as I passed I could hear Rick mumbling something quietly which made me look towards the door, it was open about five inches and at such an angle as to give me a view of their bed, what I saw stopped me dead in my tracks, Rick lying on his back, legs spread eagled through necessity given a very naked Pixie was in kneeling between them, her glorious arse high in the air as her head was deep in Ricks groin clearly sucking him hard, I could just make out his hands placed on her head guiding her onto his cock as he was saying" yeah, that's it suck my cock, take it all the way into your mouth slowly and lick my balls as well. I know you're thinking this is Kevin's cock as you feed it into your greedy throat ain't you darlin'?" All I heard then was Pixie trying to answer through a mouthful of hard cock, but as Rick said it I also saw her hand move to between her legs and start to move two fingers slowly and deliberately around her clit. At this point my cock, already hard from a full bladder was about to burst. I just stood there watching my work colleague and friend get the blow job of his life from his gorgeous wife, whilst he tells her to think about it being my cock. "You wanna feel Kev's hard cock in your pussy don't you, go on say it." Grunted Rick, I craned my neck to hear the answer and was rewarded with, "oh yeah, all the way in, I wanna feel his spunk inside my wet pussy baby," As she was saying this she started to finger fuck her own pussy. Well that was it, if I stood there any longer I was liable to leave the evidence of my voyeurism all over their hallway carpet! I quietly made my way to the bathroom, and tried to piss, for any guy that's ever tried to do that with a raging hard on, you'll know it's damn near impossible.

Eventually, having succeeded I made my way back down the hallway, pausing to glance back into their room, and was again stopped dead in my tracks. Pixie was now riding Rick's cock cowgirl style, very slowly and I couldn't stop staring as his cock slowly slid into her wet, slick, shaved pussy. It was mesmerising, and my cock once again made its way skywards, this time I couldn't help but ease my shorts down and grip the shaft, pumping slowly as I watched that pussy swallow Rick's cock, and slowly set it free again. I could hear Pixie quietly murmuring "yeah, slide that big cock into me, I wanna feel you fill me up, I love how it feels inside my tight pussy, I'm gonna rub my clit so you can feel the walls of my pussy grip and told you tight." I moved eyes slowly upwards and realised why her nipples were always erect as I saw the bar piercings in each one, her tits swaying with each movement up and down Rick's cock, as she continued her talk, "I want to feel you deep inside me, feel how wet my pussy is, how good it feels around your cock," i carried on my journey upwards with my eyes and almost gasped out loud as I reached pixie's face, her eyes were locked straight onto mine, her green eyes flashing, her pale, freckled skin flushing red, as she never stopped her movements, looking right at me she continued "fuck me hard, let me feel your cock pulse inside me, I'm gonna show you what American pussy can do to a willing, rock hard cock." I looked right into her eyes as I slowly wanked my hard cock, she licked her lips and left her mouth partially open as if to take my full length there and then. I knew Rick would never wear that kind of thing, so this was always going to be as close as I would ever get to spit roasting Pixie. But as my strokes started to quicken I could see Rick's toes start to curl as his balls started to twitch and guessed he was filling up Pixie's pussy with hot stick cum, I didn't want to risk being seen or heard, so used his ecstasy as my means to get back to my room.

I lay on the bed, heart pounding as I went over and over what I had just seen and the way Pixie looked into my eyes, then went to my cock and back again, and was just about to grab my cock and no doubt unload the biggest stream of spunk of my life when the bedroom door slowly opened, and in walked a very naked pixie, still flushed from being fucked, her pussy all swollen, labia out and proud, wet with pussy juices and no doubt what was left of Rick's cum that hadn't made it down the insides of her thighs. "You like what you saw you pervert?" she said, her voice low and husky as she slowly made her way to the bed and softly removed the covers to expose my rock hard cock. "It looks like I can't lie doesn't it," I said " if I was to say no, my cock tells a different story, what about rick?" I was concerned, I didn't want to spoil a great working relationship, but above all, the chance to continue to see this hot 5ft piece of dynamite. "He's sl**ping like a baby, alcohol and sex combined knocks him out dead, he wouldn't wake if we lay next to him and you fucked me four ways into Tuesday." "Who's Tuesday?" I asked, trying to make light of the situation. "No jokes now Brit boy," Pixie said as she climbed on top of me, turning round so my head ended up underneath the between of her legs as she grabbed my cock hard, she looked over her shoulder into my eyes "the bastards left my needs unfulfilled, and I HAVE to cum or I won't sl**p, so c'mon Kev, lick this sweet pussy, eat me, so me what you can do." It was all the reason I needed, I grabbed that arse I've admired for so long and brought her swollen pussy onto my mouth, tasting her and Rick's from moments ago on my tongue and into my mouth, my tongue flicking and swirling around her clit then gently but firmly sucking on it like a small dick, the noises from above my cock told me I was heading in the right direction, I probed her slit with my fingers getting them wet, then used one set inside her pussy and the other hand I used to gently probe her puckered arsehole, that drew gasps of pleasure and approval, so onward I went, loving the taste and sensation of eating this gorgeous, well fucked pussy as pixie sucked on my cock like she had won an interstate competition in her teens. I knew I wasn't going to last long given the heady imagery from earlier, then getting my wishes almost fulfilled so I had to whisper, "if this is all you want, I'm good with that, but if you want fucking you need to stop what you're doing or I'm going to leave you a gift right down the back of your throat very, very soon!" She broke off long enough to say "don't stop, I'm so close now, I need to cum over your face so bad," So I went for it, fingers working their way gently into her arse and pussy as my tongue engaged her swollen clit in a steady firm motion that seemed to be working, a short while later I could feel her entire body tremble and shudder, then she was gushing so much into my mouth I was struggling to drink it all down. Her moans onto my cock was all it took to send me over the edge and I spasmed the most spunk in one go ever. my balls ached after wards, it felt divine.
She worked her way back 'round so we were both facing the same way, kissed me gently on the mouth, tasting the fruits of her labours and said" the next time to pay a visit I'm gonna fuck your brains out mister. "
"I'll hold you to that gorgeous" I said, grinning like the Cheshire cat. that was three months ago, and my next visit stateside is weeks away, I can hardly wait!

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