Published 10 months ago

 This story contains sex with adolescents and rape.  If you are
uncomfortable with any of these things, are underage or if this story is
illegal where you reside, please exit now.  I will not take any
responsibility for any arrests or damaging of the brain with my smut.  Lol.
No I don't do any of this crap.  I don't think I need to say that a fantasy
is a fantasy.
  There he is.  Tied, unconscious and face-down in my bed.  I found this
beautiful black kid in the forests behind our small town.  He's about 11
years old, has milk chocolate skin and the brightest blue eyes imaginable.
He was actually the first black kid...  or actually black person I've ever
seen with blue eyes.  He usually has a handful of his friends with him when
he goes through the forests.  They use it as a short cut to get into town.
He was probably on his way to the sleepover at his friend's apartment in
town.  I took off my boot and crept up behind him.  He turned around and I
gave him a nice clonk on his head.

   The name's Harry.  I've been told I could be with any woman I would ever
want.  Most People find me really attractive.  It's probably because I hit
the Gym a couple times a week.  But in reality, I'm a sick fuck.  I'm a 23
years old.  lives in one of the town houses here in Keystone City.  All the
kids, Black, White, Asian and alike play up and down the street all day
every day.  Even more so in the summertime.  Now like all other sick fucks
in the world, I love looking at the children in the neighborhood.  Even
more than their actual parents.  I have a lot of kinks, but I've never
tried any of them.  Until now that is.  This boy's name is Michael.  He has
a bad habit of picking on kids smaller than him.  Don't get me wrong.  He's
average sized for an 11 year old.  He just likes picking on kids that are
younger and can't really defend themselves.  Especially the younger ones I
really love.  I intervene now and then and when it gets really bad, but he
still goes on and does as he pleases.  Now he's gonna learn how it feels to
be bullied...  Well...  More or less.  Hehehe

   Oh?  He's starting to wake up.  He's been out of it for a good 6 hours.


   He started to moan.  Or maybe he was trying to talk?  I couldn't tell. I
stuffed his socks in his mouth and taped it shut after I knocked him out.
Well we're pretty far from civilization.  We're in my parent's old log
house high up on Mt.  Keystone.  If you're wondering, my parents are dead.
Died in some weird car accident a couple years ago.  They left me a few
hundred thousand dollars when they passed.  Insurance and other shit paid
off, so ya.  I guess I can take the gag out of his mouth.

   "What are you doing!?" He cried.  "I'm gonna tell my mom!"

   "Here kid." I handed him a glass of water.  "I'm pretty sure your mouth
is dry."

   He just stared at me.  It was a blank stare not like he was scared or
anything.  It was more sarcastic than anything.

   "What?  You're not thirsty?" I asked.

   "Are you some sort of idiot?"

   This kid's an ass.  What the hell is he talking about?  Oh shit...  I
had to take a closer look at him.  I forgot he was still tied up.  That was
pretty stupid.  I couldn't help but laugh.  I took a knife from the side
table next to my bed.  I cut the rope from around his ankles and wrists.  I
went to give him the water again while he was rubbing his wrists.  To no
surprise, he smacked the glass out of my hand hopped off the bed.  He
dashed towards the door to escape.

   I didn't try to stop him because I knew he wasn't going anywhere.  As
soon as he took off the latch and turned the door knob, the door flew open,
hitting the wall.  There was a blizzard happening outside.  It started
about 2 hours ago.  Mt.  Keystone has a seperate forecast from Keystone
City.  It's about 25oC In Keystone City, while Mt.  Keystone is a
blistering 0 degrees.  I closed the door and put the latch back down.

   I guess he hit his head.  He was holding it and started crying.  I guess
he's still a kid after all.  I held him and rubbed his head.  He turned
around and started crying in my chest.  He looked up at me with those sharp
blue eyes.

   "Can I go home?  Please?" He was still crying.

   "Sorry babe.  That's a no.  This blizzard is going to continue all
night. I can't get

   you home until morning." I said while stroking his head.

   He brushed my hand off his head.  He stepped back and rubbed the tears
from his face.  Once he got a hold of himself he looked up at me.  His face
looked so tight.  He looked like He was pissed.  He looked like he was
gonna explode.

   "Why the fuck did you bring me here then!?" He yelled.

   "Well the reason is..." He cut me off.

   "What!?  Are you some kind of sicko?  You're so going to jail man." He
kinda smiled with that last remark.  "People are gonna know I'm missing. 
My Dad is gonna flip."

   "I doubt that very much.  You were gonna stay the night at Kevin's house
tonight right?  I already called Kevin's mom and pretended to be your Dad.
Telling them you wouldn't make it.  I also called your Dad pretending to be
Kevin's Dad and telling him that you made it there safely.  Don't worry. 
I've had this all planned out."

   He looked shocked.  I guess he didn't expect that part.

   "Why do you think I snatched you up to begin with?"

   "Because you're a sick fuck!  My mom told me about people like you.  She
said something about making me your own child or something.  You'll never
be my Dad.  My real Dad is dead.  Fuck you!" He started to tear up a

   I don't know what type of blow his mother is on, but I think I'd love
some of it.  Not sure what the hell he's talking about, but he has no clue
what's really about to happen to him.

   "Dude, I think you're mother was talking about a movie or something. 
Before I give you any details, try and guess why I brought you here.  It's
not like you're going anywhere anytime soon."

   "I don't know man.  You hate me for some reason?  Not like I'd care if
you did."

   "No.  Actually...  I snatched you up because you're a mean vicious
bully. You need to be taught a lesson.  You're at the perfect age.  So
you'll know to never bully again." I said in a stern voice.

   "Are you fucking serious?  Everyone I pick on deserves it.  It sounds
like my mom was right too.  Your white ass is trying to adopt me."

   "What?  And no...  No one deserves to be LITERALLY kicked in the face.
Trust me, you wouldn't like it if it happened to you.  I think you have
some Daddy issues you need worked out" I exclaimed."

   "No...  I don't.  They deserve it because they're smaller than I am."

   "What about the kids your age and some that are older, but still smaller
than you?  How come you don't bully them?  Is it because you'll get beat
up? I think so." I chuckled.

   "Nigga shut the fuck up.  You don't know shit." He yelled.

   "It's like your language is getting worse and worse as we continue to
talk.  Since you're starting to piss me off, I'm gonna be straight with
you. It's 3am right now.  For the next couple of hours, I'm going to be in
and out of our ass.  I'm going to work your asshole with a few dildos and
get it ready for my cock.  I'm gonna breed you until you see how it feels
to be harrassed.  One night will help you undertan d how it feels to be
bullied every single day."

   Just hearing that made him tear up again.  He got up and dashed for the
door again.  I guess he remembered what happened earlier.  He won't have
any luck when he tries to open it.  He turned around as fast as he could.

   "Leave me alone you fucking creep!" He yelled.

   I reached out my hand to him.  He ducked and ran towards the bedroom. 
Before he could get through the door way I grabbed him and clonked him on
the head with my fist.  I didn't hit him hard enough to knock him out or
anything.  Only hard enough to knock him off his feet.  I lifted him up and
carried him back to my bedroom.  He struggled a bit, but I managed to tie
his arms up again.  After removing his pants and superman undies, I put him
on the bed face-down.  His feet are free, but he'll have a hard time to get
up and run with his arms crossed.  Nothing I couldn't handle either way.  I
guess he thought the same because he didn't even try to get up.

   "Please let me go!  I'm sorry!" He cried.

   "I'm sorry babe, but no.  You're getting what you deserved."

   I reached into my side table drawer and pulled out 2 Dildos and a small
bottle of lube.  One was 4 inches and the other was 8.  I sat on the edge
of the bed and pulled him over on to my lap.  He looked with terror in his
eyes when I started squirting the lube in my hand.

   "WHA!  NOOO!  WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" He shrieked

   "What does it look like?  My dick is roughly 10 inches long and has some
nice girth.  You're gonna need to practice that hole first or it's gonna
tear.  I don't think you would want that to happen." I laughed a little.


   "But you are..."


   "Well not only did I already tell you I was gonna ravage this hole of
your's, do you remember what you told me?  You bullied people because they
were smaller than you.  I'm gonna bully you in a special way because you're
smaller than me.  I think that's fair."

   I made sure to keep a straight face so he knew I was serious.  I looked
down and saw tears flooding his eyes.  It actually broke my heart a little.
I started to hesitate.  No No.  I've made it this far.  I have to continue.


   "Oh?  You actually remember my name.  Still...  I'm sorry babe.  I need
to do this.  Just to be sure you won't bully again.  This is your

   He started to cry out whimper again.  I started drizzling the lube down
between his small bum cheeks.  He shivered a bit and started crying out
louder.  I put my index finger against his hole and pushed forward.  His
cry turned into a shriek.  The shriek actually hurt my ears.  Like it
really hurt my ears.  I grabbed his underwear off the bed and shoved them
in his mouth.  I can handle the muffled cries better than the actual
screaming.  I managed to get my entire finger in his hole.  The cries kept
going.  So did I.  I started making little circles inside his bum with my
finger.  I pushed in and pulled it out for at least 5 minutes.  I pulled
out and began inserting my middle finger as well.  He flipped out.  His
legs started flailing and the muffled cries actually got louder.  I had to
adjust him so that his legs were now between my own.  I could hold him
better like that.  I started to move my fingers in and out rapidly.  He
seemed to calm down a bit.  I even opened my fingers a bit to make that
little peace sign in his hole.  Slowly of course.  I din't want to ruin
him. I did it fo over 10 minutes.  I guess he was getting used to the
feeling.  He was still crying, but not as bad.

   "That was pretty good babe.  But here's where it gets a little hard. 
I'm gonna start working the dildo in and out.  Just relax your butt.  It'll
make it so much easier on the both of us."

   I grabbed the 4 inch dildo and lathered it up with the lube.  I put some
more on his hole just in case.  I placed the tip on his pucker and slowly
pushed forward.  He got riled up again, but to no avail.  My legs had his
clamped down.  The dildo actually went in easier than I thought it would.
It slid in and out with ease.  Man my fingers must have been amazing.  I
worked it in and out for a good minute.  Didn't seem like I needed it.  He
calmed down after I pulled it out completely.

   "Almost done with the fake ones babe.  One more and you'll be riding my
cock by yourself in no time."

   That little comment made him cry again.  I put a good amount of the lube
on the 8 incher before lining it up with his hole again.  I put my hand
down on his back for a little more support.  I pushed the dildo on him
slowly, but hard.  He started yelling like nothing before.  I managed to
get the tip of it in, but I stopped for a little while for him to get used
to the size.  Once I figured he was calm enough, I started to push it in
deeper.  I stopped and pulled out a bit, then pushed it back in.  It went
in even deeper this time.  I did this routine until it went all the way in.
Once there I started working it in and out with a steady rhythm.  I could
tell he was uncomfortable.  He kept fidgeting in my lap.  It didn't seem
like he was in all that much pain anymore.  He was probably crying from
embarrassment.  I pumped the dildo in and out of him for another good 10
minutes.  This scene was so hot.  I couldn't take this any more.  My cock
was straining in my pants since the moment I brought him here.  I had to
take his virginity.  This time I layed him face-up on the bed I pulled off
my pants and underwear and looked down at him.  He started crying at the
sight of my huge cock.  I loved seeing him like this.  The moisture from
his perfect blue eyes made me fall in love with him.  He stopped sobbing,
so I took his underwear from his mouth.

   "Please stop.  Please?  I'm so sorry.  I promise.  I won't ever bully
again.  Just please stop." He whined.

   "Don't worry babe.  You took 8 inches.  This will be a cake walk for
you. Just relax.  It'll be over soon."

   He closed his eyes and started crying again.  I got in between his legs
and placed my meat at his hole.  I dug right in.  I didn't hold anything
back.  I wanted this.  I needed this.  This was my first time fucking a
young boy.  I had girlfriends I'd fuck in the past, but none compared to
this tight bum hole my cock was drilling.  I went in hard.  I went in and
out like a piston.  I didn't pay attention to any of his cries.  I just
went on enjoying myself.  I had to stop myself.  I didn't want to cum so
soon.  I pulled out and started to pick him up.  I glanced at the window
and saw that the blizzard had stopped.  Then I noticed something at the
window.  Is that a person?  I only caught a glimpse of it before laying on
my back and hauling him on my chest.  I looked back at the window.  There
was nothing there.  I was too busy putting my cock back into the boy's ass.
I put my hands around his rib cage and helped him bounce up and down on my
cock.  I was in heaven.  I leaned my head back in pure bliss.  I was gonna
cum.  I couldn't hold it again.  I rolled over and put him down on his back
again.  I pulled out and brought my cock up to his face.  My cock shot load
after load on his cute face.  I collapsed next to him.  I don't know when
it happened, but I noticed that he passed out.  I checked to make sure he
wasn't dead or anything.  When I saw I was in the clear, I tied his feet
together, but untied his hands.  I pulled the covers over us and fell
asleep with one of my arms around him.

   A few hours later the boy woke up in the car.  I had cleaned him while
he was still out carried him to my car a little while ago.  He woke up and
started to freak out.

   "NO LET ME GO I WANT TO GET OUT!" He yelled.

   Thank goodness for child safety locks.  He tugged at that car's door
latch to get it open.

   "Calm down babe.  You won't get it open.  Besides, I'm taking you home

   "You're lying." He started to cry.

   "No.  I'm telling the truth.  We're about five minutes away from the

   "You're gonna make me your son, I just know it."

   I stopped the car and turned off the engine.

   "Okay.  First off.  Stop.  I'm not gonna do that.  Your mother or
whoever you heard that from is probably mentally insane.  I also need to
ask you a few things.  Did you enjoy what I did last night in any way?"

   I was actually curious.  He was crying the entire time, but I caught a
few moans here and there.  I had to ask.


   Well me having a little friend I could fuck was out of the question.  I
guess this isn't gonna end like those stories I read online.

   "Well you might hate this a little more."

   I dug into my pants and pulled out my cock.  Just thinking about last
night, Scratch that, just looking at his adorable face had me so hard.

   "Suck my cock." I said as smoothly as I could.

   "FU-...  NO!  I WON'T DO IT." He yelled.

   "Of course you will.  If you don't, I'm gonna turn this car around back
to the cabin and have some more fun with your little bum again.  How would
you like that?"

   I actually loved the sound of that.  I'd do it if he didn't need to be
home in a little while.  I didn't have to say anything though.  He started
sobbing and grabbed my cock.  He started jerking in up and down.  I took
hold of the back of his head and motioned it down.  He hesitated a bit.  I
encouraged him by sticking my hands in the back of his pants trying to find
his little hole.  After that he licked the tip of my cock then pressed his
lips on it.  Next thing I knew he was slurping on my shaft.  He took it
about half way in.  I grabbed his little head and started to fuck his face.
It was amazing.  Good thing I took an old dirt road back to town. 
Otherwise every other driver on the road would have seen his head bobbing
up and down.  There it was.  My speed was picking up.  I was about to cum.

   "Oh shit!  I'm about to cum.  If you don't want to go back to the cabin,
make sure you swallow it all."

   I grunted and shot rope after rope of cum down his throat.  He gagged a
bit, but made sure he got every last drop.  He leaned up with some cum
dripping down the side of his mouth.  I did him the courtesy of wiping it
with my finger and sticking it in his mouth.  After zipping back up, I
started the engine.

   "That was awesome babe, but before we get back into town, you'll have to
promise me you won't bully anyone anymore and you can't tell anyone what we
did here or what we did last night."

   He looked at me with anger in his eyes.  He looked like he was gonna
tell everyone.  Not that it really mattered.  I could get away with this
easily, but doing so would be a hassle.  I'd be better off leaving this in
the dirt.

   "I'm serious.  It doesn't matter who you would tell.  I'd come to your
home and snatch you up again.  See how easily I convinced your parents? 
Think I can't do it again?  If I have to, I'd never let you go back home.
I'd fuck your little ass over and over every single day.  I still could. 
If I wanted to.  So what do you say?"

   "I- I won't tell and I won't bully anyone.  I promise." He started to
tear up.

   "Lighten up babe.  You aren't in any danger.  You can go home and live
your life normally.  Don't sweat it.

   We pulled off again and headed back into town.  In just a few minutes I
pulled up a few blocks away from his home to let him out.  He hoped out and
almost fell.  I guess his legs were still a little weak.  When he shut the
door I rolled down the window and called out to him.
   "Get home safely Michael!"
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Published 10 months ago

"Excuse me, we've had a report of a lady teasing guys by displaying her underwear, throughout the shopping centre so would you come with me back to the main security office please" said the security chief as his hand gripped your shoulder and turned you towards his offices.......
You can feel eyes looking at you wondering what you've done to be lead by a guard but a respectable looking lady, even if the skirt is just a little too short and an extra button undone on her shirt, she doesn't look like a shoplifter? The guys eyes are drawn to those legs and the bounce of your cleavage

As you enter his office you can see the bank of screens and realise he has watched everything you've done, when you sat with your legs just that extra few inches apart where the guy with check shirt was looking, when you bent over I front of the couple In the shoe shop, leaned over at the coffee counter when the barista was looking right down your front
You feel your cheeks redden as he asks "so just what were you doing out there?" "Nothing" you stammer slightly "I'm not sure why you've brought me here" he smiles slightly and looks you over from top to toe, noticing the shortness of your skirt which you now seem to want to tug lower, perhaps you should t have turned the waist band over after all. His gaze lingers on your thighs and you can't help but feel he appreciates you and despite yourself your knees drift apart just slightly but it's enough for him to see your stocking tops, "you are a naughty girl aren't you?" He looks directly at you and you can't help but drop your eyes In deference "wider!" What did he just say????? Whilst you'd like to resist there's something about the tone that makes your knees part
He's now looking straight up your skirt at your creamy thighs " lean back just a little" my god he's going to see my pussy! "You wanted guys to look at you so that's exactly what I'm going to do, so be a good girl and oblige me!" At that you feel the heat in your pussy Betray you and you lean back legs drifting further

"Undo your shirt" without thinking your hand obeys before you can decide to do it or not, the voice is very erotic by its commanding nature, you start to unbutton showing off the pink bra underneath

"Take it off" which you do, now you will do what ever he says without thought

You remove the shirt he then flicks his eye and you realise the bra has to come off too, no point resisting now and you feel the cool air in the office on your breasts, your nipples hardening which seems to please him

He suddenly stands and steps over to you gripping your ass in one hand while the other cups one of your tits squeezing hard, "your mine now" he growls

His hand moves round to pull the skirt, what there is of it, up roughly while his hand cups your pussy his middle finger runs through your lips feeling how wet you are "enjoying this? - you seem to be" he nips your nipple hard as he says this suddenly his finger penetrates you which makes your knees wobble slightly and you groan while he rocks his hand inside you

He pushes down on your shoulder "on your knees" which you do gladly looking up at him as he stands above you, you notice the bulge in his trousers when you let your gaze drift down slightly, he's noticed the look, "oh yes that's for you!" And he starts to undohis belt

Next the button is undone, then slowly he undoes the zip, you'd never noticed how loud a zip can be, you lick your lips with anticipation as his trouser drops past his knees and you see the outline of his cock straining in his pants, he reaches in a pulls out his stiff thick cock, not huge but a decent size is your immediate thought
He grips it in his hand as you look up, and eh slowly wanks it back and forth a little then those two words are uttered
"Suck it!"
You reach up and grip it opening your mouth and letting your lips slide over the end, savouring the taste, the heat, the saltiness, the hardness of it as your mouth envelops it your hand stroking as you move your mouth up and down taking more and more of it in, "damn that's goooood" he says which Spurs you on, working your lips up and down, licking and teasing the end then plunging deep

His hips buck each time you go down and you grip his ass cheeks working your mouth deeper and deeper as he fucks you always looking down at you as you do
You feel his legs quiver slightly and suddenly he grips your head, taking a handful of hair as he spurts once, twice, the f***e makes you pull back and the third hits across your chin and chest as you look up his eyes aren't k you know they're looking up at the ceiling as his chest heaves

As he regains his breath and composure your sitting there cum dripping from your chin which you can't help but scoop up with your fingers and swallow "good girl " he says with a smile, "clean yourself up and be back here tomorrow, same time , we'll continue then!" At that he reaches down and pulls his pants and trousers up turning away leaving you to decide your next move......

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